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The Swiss144 mobile app is a digital rescue card. It protects you from the high costs of an air, land, or sea rescue. The mobile app provides you with essential features in case of emergency, including sharing your location, helping you contact emergency centers, and locating the nearest hospital.

Plan for the unexpected!

  • Transportation costs are covered
    Transportation costs are covered
  • Search and rescue expenses covered
    Search and rescue expenses covered
  • First medical aid reimbursed in case of emergency
    First medical aid reimbursed in case of emergency
  • Search drone intervention insured
    Search drone intervention insured
  • Option travel insurance and/or dog rescue
    Option travel insurance and/or dog rescue
  • Quick and easy subscription from your smartphone
    Quick and easy subscription from your smartphone

Who is SWISS144 for?

  • Swiss resident
    To Swiss residents
    Whether you’re in Switzerland or abroad, at home or on your way to work, on a city break or a mountain expedition, the Swiss144 digital rescue card supports and protects you anywhere and anytime.
    It allows you to travel carefree by covering the cost of intervention and rescue, wherever you are in the world.
  • Tourists / Visitors
    To travelers visiting Switzerland
    Whether you’re traveling for business or holidays, the Swiss144 digital rescue card covers the expensive search, rescue, and first aid costs so you can fully enjoy your stay.
    During your trip in Switzerland, your rescue card provides flexible coverage from 3 to 122 days.
  • Main Features of the Swiss144 App

    • Digital rescue card
    • Instant call for help via emergency button
    • Emergency contact
    • Real-time location sharing
    • Guidance to the nearest medical facilities
    • Claim submission
    Main Features of the Swiss144 App
  • Rescue card covers

    • Rescue costs
    • Air, land, and sea rescue
    • All rescue providers
    • First medical aid expenses
    • 24/7 assistance

    / year

    Rescue card covers

    / year

  • Travel insurance option provides

    • Worldwide coverage including Switzerland
    • Unlimited repatriation costs
    • Emergency medical expenses up to CHF 100000
    • Luggage costs up to CHF 700
    • Trip cancellation costs up to CHF 10000 (CHF 5000 per person)
    • 24/7 assistance
    COVID-19 option available starting at CHF 49 per year

    / year

    Travel insurance option provides

    / year

  • Dog rescue option offers

    • Coverage in Switzerland
    • Rescue costs up to CHF 2000
    • Emergency medical expenses up to CHF 2000
    • Veterinarian intervention fees
    • 24/7 assistance

    / year

    Dog rescue option offers

    / year

Don’t fall into the trap
Don’t fall into the trap
Because emergency rescue costs can stack up to an exorbitant amount and your health insurance only covers 50% of these, Swiss144 does its utmost to limit the additional costs, whatever the situation in which you may need help.
Travel with peace of mind
Travel with peace of mind
Protecting yourself from your smartphone is now possible. With the Swiss144 digital rescue card, you can stay covered at all times in Switzerland and abroad and enjoy your trip to the fullest.
Rega, rescue organizations
Rega, rescue organizations
Being a Rega or other rescue organizations contributor does not guarantee that you will benefit from their services free of charge. Swiss144 is the best complementary solution to avoid incurring uncovered costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which rescue costs are covered by health insurance?

    50% of the costs up to a maximum of CHF 500 per calendar year in the case of special medical transport, and max. CHF 5000 if a person is in mortal danger and needs to be saved and transported to the nearest medical facility.

  • How to get the Swiss rescue card?

    Benefiting from the Swiss144 digital rescue card is very easy to do. Go to the store of your smartphone and download the Swiss144 app, available on the AppStore and the Google Play store. Once installed, you will be guided to subscribe to your Swiss rescue card.

    Please note that it is mandatory to register your Visa or MasterCard to pay the amount of the chosen subscription.


  • How do I make a claim?
    Simply complete the claim form and submit the claim via App or email.
  • How can I change my address or profile?
    Simply open the SWISS144 App and change your address / profile directly in the App.
  • What is a deductible?
    The deductible is the part of the coverage that is at the expense of the insured for covered benefits. The amount and type of deductible is defined for each insurance option and noted in the General Insurance Conditions (GICs)
  • COVID-19 coverage option

    Customers have the option of concluding supplemental coverage for COVID-19 related travel issues.

    The following main benefits are:

    • coverage for additional travel costs
    • coverage for trip cancelation
    • coverage for unplanned return
    • COVID-19 medical treatment at the travel destination.
  • How do I use SWISS144 in the case of an emergency?

    The app includes the following direct contacts:


    • Switzerland (direct line 144) 
    • International (assistance line 24/7)
    • Dogs (assistance line 24/7)
    • Emergency contact of your related 


    Other usefull numbers: 

    • 144 emergency (Switzerland)
    • 117 police (Switzerland)
    • 118 fire service (Switzerland)
    • 112, emergency (Europ)
  • How do I cancel?

    The SWISS144 and its options are yearly insurance contracts that must be cancelled at the latest three months before the end of the contractual year. 

  • How much does the Swiss rescue card cost?

    The Swiss rescue card is offered at a very attractive price:

    • CHF 60 / year for an individual
    • CHF 90 / year for a family
    • From CHF 12 / 3 days for a tourist


    And because we know that everyone has different needs, it is possible to choose customized protection by adding travel insurance or a rescue option for your dog.


    All app’s functions are free of charge.





  • Who insures the Swiss rescue card?

     The services of the Swiss rescue card are insured by the European Travel Insurance, a subsidiary of Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd.